BB Gunns giant breasts in a very low cut dress
BB Gunns Massages her huge tits in a dress
B.B. Gunns big boobs in a tight dress

There's something about a busty woman in a dress that's just so amazing. When BB Gunns wraps a beautiful sheer dress around her incredibly exaggerated bust line, there's no one that wouldn't look twice and simply say "wow!" Her big tits test the fabric strength of her tiny tight dresses as her absolutely massive breasts expand larger with every breath! The fact that her boobs are so perky and firm only means that she doesn't need a bra. And going braless means that her big hard nipples can poke through her low cut top. Her giant breast implants are so firm and round that they defy gravity. The dresses she wears are all extremely tight to show off her erotic cartoonish figure.

Can you just imagine arriving to pick B.B. Gunns up for a date. She comes to the door in a dress cut just above her knees. Her giant boobs project out so far it's unlike anything you've seen before. She reminds you of Pandora Peaks only her breasts are far larger. These must be the world's largest breasts. Certainly some of the world's largest breast implants. You glance at her immense cleavage. Oh how you would like to stick your hard cock between her fleshy mounds and tit fuck her all night. You head off to dinner at a nice restaurant near by.

At the restaurant, the other patrons momentarily stop eating. They are astonished as they've never seen breasts as big as BB Guns tits. But also because she is stunning. she's the epitome of the amazing female form. Her womanly hips show she can bear children with ease. Her exaggerated breasts signify her ability to nourish her family to a degree no other woman can. All the men in the room desire BB Gunns huge tits. They want big boobs. Maybe their dates even have them, but not like your woman.

BB Gunns beautiful sexy boobs in see through top
B.B. Gunns huge cleavage in a dress
BB Gunns cupping her massive boobs

You enjoy dinner. Particularly the view. BB Gunns tits are so big, they extend over top of the table. Her deep cleavage seems to go on forever. Her boobs projection is so extreme, that when not eating she can't see her plate. The only thing she -- and yourself see, is the incredible curvature of the top of her breasts. You can see the veins in her big hard boobs, but it's not a turn off. You know they're needed to allow those puppies to thrive. Particularly when it comes time to produce breast milk. Think about sucking gallons of breast milk from her big, beautiful, sexy boobs.

But that's enough with dinner. You've tried to be discreet, but she knows her big tits are driving your hormones to insanity. And it turns BB Gunns on too. She invites you back to her place for a night cap. Hopefully that includes tasting her never ending breast flesh.

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