B.B. Gunns large breasts and huge cleavage
BB Guns stretching a tube top with her chest
Huge Breasts BB Gunns in a very tight sweater. You can see her big nipples

You pick up BB gunns for a shopping date. She arrives at the door in a white sweater. Her big tits stretching her top to an extreme you've never before witnessed. Could it be any tighter? You swear it's going to rip wide open. Her nipples piercing through tell you she has no bra on. But then again what's the point. She would wear an absolutely massive bra, but her big tits are so firm and perky she would hold the bra up, not the other way around. You can make out her areola ever so slightly through the fabric. Needless to say it's a stretchy sweater. That's mandatory to contain those sexy big boobs. The sweater its stretched to its limits. Not just about a foot and a half in front of her, but about a footto the sides of her boobs too. You admire how it shapes around BB Guns tiny frame and then suddenly explodes in ever direction as it wraps around some of the biggest breasts you've ever seen.

Her huge breasts pass by you, followed closely by the rest of her as she heads to your car. She clicks on the seatbelt, which is just long enough to stretch around her ample bosom. "I come with my own airbags" she laughs. You head off, excited to have B.B. Guns try on different outfits. You know she likes to dress to be noticed. Maybe she will try something extra tight on for you.

Big Boobs flashing
Milk BB Gunns huge udders as she bends over
BB Gunns boobs are so big she can hardly even cover her nipples with her hands

Walking into the mall every man yells "Holy Shit". And women stop and stare. "Did you see those?" some say. BB Gunns is used to it. The women all secretly desire big boobs, and BB is has the biggest boobs of them all. Of course they'd like to change places with her. Particularly because all the men are showing their desire uncontrollably for her. But she's with you.

In the first store she finds a fun t-shirt with the words, "My Tits Are Down Here" on it. It's so small it looks like it's for a doll. "It'll stretch" she says and takes it into the change room. When she comes out the first thing you see is how the letters on the shirt have stretch 10 times their normal size as they curve around her massive tits. The shirt is extremely tight. It's not supposed to show cleavage, but BB Gunns is so busty, that it is stretched out enough to expose mounds and mounds of her beautiful big breast flesh. Then it happens. Admiring her giant tits in the mirror, she turns sideways, takes a breath, and pushes her chest forward. Her profile grows more and more. One foot, two feet, three feet her breasts extend far out from her body. For a few seconds she holds it and admires her milk juggs incredible projection. Your cock gets hard as a rock when suddenly the seams of that poor t-shirt start to give...

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